Ottawa Public Transit

Ottawa Canada Visitor Information and Guide

The city of Ottawa is served by a modern fleet of red and white coloured buses and a rapid transit system called O-Train.

Many of Ottawa's buses use dedicated "Transitway" roads that are reserved for public transit and emergency vehicles.

The O-Train has two routes:

  1. Trillium Line (lightweight diesel-powered trains)
  2. Confederation Line (LRT system under construction and expected to open in mid-2018)
Ottawa Public Transit
Ottawa Public Transit

The Trillium Line is an eight-kilometer light-rail service that runs from Bayview to Greenboro (South Airport).

The Confederation Line is an LRT system that (when completed) will run a distance of 12.5 km from Blair Station to Tunney's Pasture.  It includes a tunnel through the downtown core.

For current information regarding bus routes, fares and schedules, please visit the Ottawa Transit website at

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