Rideau Canal

Ottawa Canada Visitor Information and Guide

The Rideau Canal is the picturesque waterway that flows through the heart of Ottawa Canada.  It connects Ottawa to the city of Kingston Ontario via a series of lakes and canals.

Completed in 1832, the canal was built to protect Canada from the Americans by connecting Montreal to the Great Lakes.  Today it is a popular destination for both visitors and locals.

During the warm months, one can walk or cycle along the paths that border the waterway.  Alternatively, visitors can enjoy a boat cruise along the canal 

Rideau Canal, Ottawa Canada
Rideau Canal, Ottawa Canada

The canal is most spectacular in winter when it is transformed into the world's longest skating rink.  The best time of year to enjoy it is at Winterlude, a three-weekend festival held each February.

The Rideau Canal is one of Ottawa's most popular tourist attractions.

For more information about the canal, please visit rideau-info.com.

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